Waldegård retires from East African Safari Classic

Björn Waldegård has retired from this year’s East African Safari Classic following an incident on today’s 154 kilometre Jeshini competitive section.

Waldegård and his navigating son Mathias were 8km into the day’s opening competitive section when the Swedes passed over a concrete drift and rolled their Tuthill 911 one and a half times before the car landed on the co-driver’s side. Both father and son were unhurt but are currently being flown to Nairobi for precautionary checks.

“It all happened very quickly,” explained Björn Waldegård following the incident. “We were going flat out over a concrete drift. We had a triple caution in the notes so I’m not sure what went wrong exactly but the back end got caught and it flipped the car. Of course, it’s very disappointing – yesterday was such a good day and everything was going fine and then today this has happened. I am feeling fine but Mathias seems to have a little concussion so the team are flying us to Nairobi as a precaution.”

Richard Tuthill concluded: “Obviously it’s very disappointing for Björn and Mathias but now our main priority is to ensure they are both thoroughly checked over in Nairobi. I’d like to take a moment to personally thank the excellent medical team on-event: they had flown a helicopter over within minutes of the incident and have done a great job so far.”

Waldegård was placed third prior to his retirement and had clocked the fastest time on yesterday’s closing section. Following today’s opening competitive section, Tuthill’s Stig Blomqvist has resumed his lead on the East African Safari Classic and is leading Ian Duncan by 31 seconds. BMA Autosport driver Bernhard Munster set fastest time on today’s first competitive section and moved into third place, whilst his team mate Gregoire De Mevius is now in fourth place. Rounding up the top five is Gerard Marcy in a Tuthill Porsche 911.