Viking Motorsport Escorts set sail for Safari

In the coming days, many European teams entered in the Kenya Airways Safari Classic 2015 will be packing their rally cars into containers along with a suitable quantity of spare parts, tools and tyres and sending them off marked “Destination Mombasa”.

One of the first teams to get its cars en route for the big adventure was Viking Motorsport. Three containerised Escorts and all their accoutrements were taken this week from the team’s home in central Wales at Newtown to Birmingham and put on a train for Felixstowe. From there, the trip turns maritime in nature with a ship to Antwerp and then an even bigger one that goes via the Suez Canal to the port of Mombasa.

In nine weeks, the containers will be unloaded from the containers by Viking Motorsport mechanics under the direction of Phil Mills. The three Ford Escort RS 1800s will get a final check-over and test before the Safari Classic gets under way on November 19th.

Driver pairings for the Viking Motorsport cars are Jorge Perez-Companc and José Volta from Argentina, Jan Hagman from Sweden with English co-driver Philip Clarke, and John Lloyd and Adrian Cavenagh making a English/Kenyan pairing.