Tuthill Porsche ships its 911 rally cars for Safari Classic

Two-time Safari Classic winner, Tuthill Porsche, has shipped its Porsche 911 Safari car fleet to Africa for the 2017 East African Safari Classic Rally.

Three 40-foot shipping containers loaded with cars and parts were loaded onto container trucks headed for Felixstowe. The journey from Felixstowe to Mombasa is expected to take six weeks in total. The containers should arrive in Kenya by the end of October, where they will be transferred to Tuthill Safari HQ at Vipingo Ridge, just outside Mombasa.

“Safari led us to develop a system for maintaining large numbers of cars in remote locations, and this is what we now do on all of our events,” says Richard Tuthill.

“We effectively run a myriad of individual teams, centrally controlled and coordinated. Each car has its own spares kit box – 6ft x 3ft x 3ft – in which there are enough parts and spares to do most of the rally. In addition to these spares kits, we also have a mother ship in the form of a 40ft container that travels everywhere with us. Forty per cent is an air-conditioned parts store, which is racked and loaded with military precision, leaving sixty per cent to hold over two hundred wheels and tyres and other large consumables and equipment.”

The main parts ‘mother ship’ was the first container to leave the team’s base this week, followed by two more containers containing a vast array of parts and four cars in total.

“Some of the cars we are supporting on this year’s rally are already in Kenya and a few more cars will be flown straight to Africa,” notes Tuthill. “While we’re not running double-digit numbers of cars this year as on previous events, it makes things no less interesting to run with a smaller team this time around. The challenge will be just as extreme.”