Samani Rally Team aims for Top 15 Finish

Samani Rally Team veteran, Dinesh Sachania, is among the 2017 Classic Rally 2017 entrants who have taken full advantage of our new power steering rule. Sachania believes the addition of power steering to his Datsun 180B will help the team to reach greater heights on the gruelling nine-day marathon.

“Since our debut outing on the 2015 Safari Classic, the spotless Datsun 180B has undergone a full rebuild and it now looks like a new car. We have installed new and more durable fuel pumps. We are also installing a new power steering to make our driving easier and more enjoyable. We are planning to finish at least in the top fifteen, but whatever happens, we will savour the gruelling drive on historic terrain.

“There is nothing like the Safari Classic. It is fantastic to meet and race against new people from around the world who share the same passion of rallying. Our debut Safari gave us many memorable moments. The rain during the event and driving through muddy sections of the course was immense fun. We got bogged down a few times, but that’s part of the adventure of this game.

“My team mate, Feisal Khan, was with us back then and is an experienced navigator. As the nephew of Tinu Khan, I have full confidence in Faiyo’s rallying pedigree: he is always level-headed and takes his rallying seriously. Tinu is also on board as team manager: he is a key player in our team. He knows the ins and outs of the car, being the guy who maintains the vehicle. What’s more, he has participated in several classic events as a navigator and a team organiser so he has a vast knowledge of what to expect.

“Overall we are really looking forward to this year’s Safari Classic. It is a real pleasure to drive against Blomqvist and always great to compete with Ian Duncan. We have enjoyed great battles over several Kenya National Rallies in the past, so meeting two Safari Classic Rally greats in a competitive atmosphere will be special.”