Safaricom’s pre-rally video snippets hit the spot

We are delighted to have the support of Kenya’s most vibrant mobile network, Safaricom, as official communications partner of the 2017 East African Safari Classic Rally. Safaricom is supporting the rally with funding and data provision, but the company is also involved above and beyond this. The Safaricom media team has also been out on the road, meeting competitors and getting their stories of how improved data communications helps their efforts on Safari.

Good Data Essential: #DataStrong

A strong mobile data connection is important for all of us these days, as we keep up with news and social networks online. Good data is doubly important for the Safari Classic organising team, as we share results and important rally bulletins, but difficult to achieve in the bush. Though our event includes people from all walks of life, self-employed business owners make up a large part of the rally community. After all, being the boss is the only way most people can get enough time off to come to Kenya for two weeks and go rallying!

So, keeping in touch with business interests across Africa and beyond is a priority for most of our customers and their crews, so having a supportive and motivated communications partner on board to help keep our officials and competitors connected is an exceptional advantage. We are tremendously grateful to Safaricom for its unwavering support.

Watch the two latest Safaricom rally prologue videos below and follow the East African Safari Classic Rally’s social media channels to see more (facebook, twitter and instagram links in the top right).

Remember to tag your uploads with our official hashtag of #SafariClassic so we can enjoy your experiences. We will repost the best ones!