Rally4Rhinos goes carbon neutral with Wildlife Works

Rally 4 Rhinos will be the Safari Classic Rally’s first ever carbon neutral rally team when Nish Lakhani and Teeku Patel take their Datsun SSS 1800 across the Safari Classic start line in Mombasa on November 23rd.

As directors of East African safari companies, Nish and Teeku understand the need for the current generation to step up and pioneer new methods of conservation to protect our valuable natural habitat. The motorsport champions also appreciate that motorsport can sometimes be seen as going against the grain of conservation, but that the publicity generated from any rally team, especially when used to publicise conservation, can be a viable tool. The Rally4Rhinos crew will once again use their classic Datsun SSS to publicise the amazing efforts of conservation projects around Kenya, and offset the CO2 generated from Wildlife Works’ Kasigau Corridor REDD+ Project near Voi.

Carbon Neutral Inspiration

“I am truly blessed to be a child of Africa and feel that it is our responsibility to make every effort we can to preserve our natural heritage for future generations,” says Nish, director of Safari World Africa. “What the people at Wildlife Works in Voi are doing is incredible. They have gone from protecting a small piece of land in the late 1990s to now serving as guardians of over half a million acres of rich wilderness. They have shown the local community sustainable ways of generating income without driving away wildlife or cutting trees for charcoal burning. This is definitely the way forward!”

“We have been following the work of Wildlife Works for quite a while now,”says Teeku, director of Sokomoto Images. “The daily air patrols using gyrocopters is particular inspiring, so we would like to help raise awareness of this and fundraise in aid of their efforts.”

Nish and Teeku fulfilled lifelong dreams of contesting the world famous East African Safari Classic Rally in 2015. As debutants, they endured their fair share of dramas and incidents but, in true safari spirit the pair dug deep and persevered to finish a mightily impressive 26th overall. The car has been completely rebuilt for 2017 based on their experience last time out, so the whole team is fully prepared and ready for a second attempt.