Day 6 Driver Quotes: 2013 EASR

2, Gregoire De Mevius/Alain Guehennec, Porsche 911
No problems with the car. The first section was very nice – we had some showers and it was slippery but it was so much fun. I like sections like that. The second section was very fast and third section was nice to begin with but then it was very rough towards the end. And, unlike Blomqvist and Duncan ahead of me, there were no trucks in the road on the last section – they had all pulled to the side after those two guys went through !

3, Ian Duncan/Amaar Slatch, Ford Capri

It must be good – we’re still on four tyres and they’re still black and round! For the last 10 km of the last section we met some trucks and farm vehicles on the road but there’s no problem with the car. [Anyone wondering how Amaar got his black eye, the answer is that a rock flew up from a passing car while he and Ian were changing one of their three punctures on Sunday.]

4, Geoff Bell/Tim Challen, Datsun 260Z

During the first section, our electric radiator fan failed and the first we knew was when the water temperature took off like a Saturn rocket. We stopped to try and do something but initially our efforts were concentrated on trying to get some more water back into the system. Steve stopped and let us have some and we got some more from a puddle. Meanwhile, we had also hot-wired the fan and we pressed on. A few more kilometres and the temperature was rising again but now we found some Masai with a water supply and topped it up properly. Marvellous stuff that Masai water – the old Datsun really shook its heels through the last two stages. We set equal fastest with Ian on the first and fastest overall on the second !

5, Stig Blomqvist /Staffan Parmander, Porsche 911

We had to stop for a truck in the last section and there was a big heavy transporter going along the road – I thought for a moment we were on the main road between Nakuru and Nairobi! There was no damage to the car today or any mechanical problem but there is still some brake knock-off that we can’t seem to get rid of so that means I have to be careful not to forget to brake early.

6, Gérard Marcy/Stéphan Prévot, Porsche 911

We’re just going gently and keeping our position. In the first section it was very slippery and there were some dangerous parts but we’re happy and will keep going at this pace. Maybe next time we’ll see if we change anything in this strategy!

7, Steve Perez /John Millington, Datsun 260Z

We managed to hit a small tree on John’s side on the first section – it was very slippery and we had to drive cautiously. But on the last section we had to push harder as the Horseys are close behind.

8, David Horsey/Alex Horsey, Porsche 911

David drove the first section and Alex drove the second and third. The first was very slippery and wet and the second section was a classic Kenyan rally section so it was very enjoyable. In the last section they’d fixed the road for the first part but after that it was rough. We were down on power in the last section – we think it’s the fuel injection timer belt but hopefully we’ll get it sorted tonight.

9, Alastair Cavenagh /Carl Tundo, Ford Escort RS1800

Can you believe it ? We slid off the road in the same mud hole in which we had gone off the road when this part of the section was run on Sunday and ended up hitting the same small tree. Some people never learn ! In fact, we had a pretty clean run for once with that the only problem and nothing wrong with the car.

10, Bernard Munster/Johan Gitsels, Porsche 911

We lost third gear on the third section – and for that it was an important one as the last part was so rough with slow going. My car was new at the start of this rally but now it is almost finished. It is not enjoyable to drive on such surfaces in a classic car. Yes, we had heavy rain on the first section but it was no problem.

11, John Lloyd /Gavin Laurence, Ford Escort RS1800

There was bad rain when we were in the first section and unfortunately we hit an impala 20km from the start and both the animal and our roo bar disappeared together. We were worried it might have damaged the radiator and that the engine would overheat but it didn’t happen. However the right wing is very crumpled.

14, Steve Troman/Andrew Doig, Porsche 911

The day was very good but we’re pretty cross with the seeding as we’re at the back of the field with slower cars. The first section was wet for us.

15, Jean-Pierre Mondron/Eric Werner, Porsche 911

An almost trouble free day for us. The first section we had maybe half an hour of rain. It was slippery and rather like “Holiday on Ice”. We also saw two giraffe and two jackals who were drinking from water alongside the road that had accumulated in the last few days of rain showers. Twenty kilometres before the end of the second section, we lost a rear brake calliper and all the brake fluid. That was interesting but fortunately the section is quite fast. I did not like the third section where it was very rough towards the end – this is not material for classic car rallies.

16, Phillip Vandromme/Frédéric Vivier, Porsche 911

Wow, that last section was really rough, more like Paris-Dakar and definitely not for classic cars. The beginning was OK but then – awful. On the first section we had rain for maybe forty kilometres but we were lucky because we had had a puncture just before arriving at the start and were able to change it before going into the section. Through those first two sections today we had a small, annoying electronic misfire – some work for the Kronos service tonight.

19, Onkar Rai/Baldev Chager, Porsche 911

All our problems came on the second section. We were having problems with the brakes disappearing and went off in some powdered sand. When we got out we found we had a puncture, which we changed – and then a bit further on we had another puncture. So both came on a section where you would not have expected to have a puncture. Other than that, the car is going really well and with not too many mistakes, we hope for a good result.

20, Alain De Mevius/André Leyh, Porsche 911

A good day with no problems. We really enjoyed driving the muddy part of the first section in the rain. Also liked the second section which was dry and fast but the last section had six or so kilometres that were really un-enjoyable, just banging the car over rocks with some quite bad jumps as well.

21, Patrick Van Heurck/Alain Lopes, Porsche 911

In the ran and the mud of the first section, we had trouble with the wipers. If I move it to the second speed, it blows the fuse so poor Alain was having to try and change the fuse as we went along – not too easy ! The guys have now fixed it so that I cant move the wiper switch into the second position !! The last bit of the third stage was far too rough for what is supposed to be a rally for classic cars.

22, Richard Jackson/Ryan Champion, Porsche 911

We had a good day today but we started at the back of the field after incurring three maximum times on day four – unfortunately we broke the rear suspension on one section and the steering on another section after that !!!. Today we found the mud in the first section but we were only stuck for a couple of minutes and overtook about 6 cars. In the last section we caught the Escort (car 32) but got out of the section okay.

23, Aziz Tejpar/Andy Nagi, Ford Escort RS1800

Fate has treated us a little better today. The first section was OK for us with some mud but no problems. The second too was OK but frankly the last part of the third section was too rough for this kind of rally. Anyway, we weren’t too slow and we hope that we have made up some places today !

25, Mark Bentley /Ed Bentley, Ford Escort Mk 1

We fitted a new axle on the rest day but it started to go on the first section. We carried on but on the second section we had a propshaft failure (due to the nose of the rear differential going) and had to get a tow out of the section then we missed the last section. We’re going to work on it tonight and hopefully fix it.

27, Marzio Kravos/Renzo Bernardi, Ferrari 308 V8 GT4

The Ferrari was one of the crews caught in the mud in the first section who had to turn around and exit at the start of the section.

28, Joakim Roman/Jorgen Fornander, Porsche 911

Everything was tough today. We left Amboseli with the rear suspension arm still slightly bent or perhaps it was not correctly adjusted. Anyway, the handling was a bit strange and eventually we lost all the brakes when a rear calliper broke off and all the fluid went. We got the suspension arm and the calliper changed at service and had brakes for the last section. Then, of course, we had a ‘wild moment’ and popped the car off the road and it wound up with its nose against a wall. Not so nice !

29, Manvir Baryan/Jaswinder Chana, Porsche 911

We had a really nice day – and we kept it on the road. There was rain in the first section and it was rough in the last one but otherwise typical Safari stuff.

30, Jayant Shah/Lofty Drews, Porsche 911

Had a good day all round. It was interesting – and enjoyable – to drive a Porsche in mud for the first time. No problems with the car – which seems to be in better condition than my co-driver !

31, Josef Jobst/Jürgen Bertl, Porsche 911

Broke a rear damper just coming up to the rough stuff on the last section and had to drive that rocky bit with only one rear damper. Not very nice at all.

32, Jonathan Somen/Richard Hechle, Ford Escort Mk 2

The car is going well. We’ll have a little bit of work to do as we lost the clutch on the last section. That first section was a nightmare in the wet.

34, Nick Mason/Harpal Sudle, Datsun 240Z

We had a great day today, although we broke one of the control arms of the steering rack on a section and had to affect a repair! Much better than day 3 when we had all our problems: we broke a top ball joint in the long section and the suspension punched up through the wing – it looked as if the Somali pirates had been under there shooting at it!

35, Jorge Perez Companc/Jose Volta, Ford Escort RS 1800

Today was quite good, especially compared to day 4. The fuse of the engine fan blew and the car overheated so we had to stop to let it cool and change the fuse. Afterward it went just fine although the third section was rough. The car wouldn’t start coming into the parc ferme so we’re not sure what that is yet.

39, Kulwinder Sandhu/Raja Sehmi, Datsun 710

Today was good. In the last section some people had blocked the road and we got hit by a couple of rocks. I have to say I don’t think this rally was designed for this car – I think it’ll need quite a bit of work tonight. The road book wasn’t great in that last section.

41, Albert Michiels/Alexandre Leens, Porsche 911

I am happy to be here. We had rain in the first section and the last section was very difficult. I’ve done this classic rally all six times it has run and I think this is the most difficult and most competitive. The cars get faster and faster. It’s difficult when you’re just one car against these bigger teams.

42, Jean-Michel Martin/Vincent De Raiken, Porsche 911

Not too bad today, pretty much OK. The first section was great with mud and rain but we came through with a good time and passed two cars. On the very fast second stage, I was bit too careful perhaps and we were a bit slower compared with those around us but on the last, we were up to speed again. All very enjoyable.

45, Gérard Brianti/Olivier Campana, Porsche 911

The last stage was simply awful – just terrible. We ran today with a new engine as we broke the original one on Sunday. Basically everything OK with the car – and pleased that it went through the mud so well in the first section.

51, Johan Nel/Mischa Fritch, Ford Escort Mk 2

It was better today and we made it through all the sections. The second section was muddy but we made it through and third section was very tough and we had a few problems with the steering alignment and the power but we’re glad to be here!

56, Richard Göransson/Emil Axelsson, Porsche 911

We are here – which is good ! No problems today. In the first section it was raining and it was my first experience of mud – let alone Safari mud! But I took it very easy.

62, Jonathan Savage/Russell Savage, Datsun 260 Z

Today was brilliant until right at the end. The last twenty kilometres of the last section was simply horrible. I think it is possible that the Datsun can take it but I am not sure that I can. In contrast, that first section with the mud was good and I really enjoyed that fast, open second section. Great stuff.

64. Samira Khan/Chantal Young, Porsche 911

The rally queens were one of the crews caught in the mud in the first section who had to turn around and exit at the start of the section. They were coming out of the last section when this went to press!