Porsche 911 Package for Safari Classic Rally

Our friend Jürgen Bertl at Schmack Motorsport in Germany is offering an “Arrive and Drive” Porsche 911 package for the Safari Classic Rally. Priced at €140,000, Jürgen tells us that the price includes:

  • Safari prepared 3.0-litre Porsche 911
  • Spare parts package including suspension and gearbox
  • All spare parts needed during the event (not including parts required due to misuse)
  • Fully comprehensive insurance cover on special sections (client excess to be agreed)
  • Insurance fees (depending on driver’s history)
  • Personnel and equipment to service the car during the event, i.e. mechanics, management/coordination, engineer
  • 36 tyres
  • Shipping of the car and equipment from Germany to Kenya and back
  • Pre- and post-event accommodation for our team
  • 1 twin room for the crew during the rally
  • Road insurance for the car in Kenya and Tanzania
  • Fuel during the rally

Items which are not included in the price include:

  • Entry Fee
  • Flights for the drivers
  • Drivers accommodation before and after the rally dates
  • Food and drinks and hotel extras for the crew
  • Transport Germany-Kenya-Germany and Customs Clearance

Contact Jurgen Bertl (email juergenbertl@t-online.de) for more information. Attached is a PDF with additional details.