Wildlife Works: Offset your Rally Carbon Footprint

Wildlife Works is the world’s leading REDD+ (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation), project development and management company. Established in 1997, Wildlife Works has established a successful model of attractive carbon offsetting programmes to protect threatened forests, wildlife, and communities. The organisation has been part of our rally for many years.

Cara Braund, Conservation Office Manager for our partners at Wildlife Works, has put a package together to help rally teams offset their carbon footprint on this year’s Safari Rally, while simultaneously supporting conservation in parts of Kenya which this year’s East African Safari Classic Rally will pass through.

“Wildlife Works is a big supporter of the EASCR, which for the second time will be passing through the wildlife conservation area,” says Cara. “The competitors appreciate the longer stretches that such open landscape provides, with less people and vehicles to contend with. Differentiating itself from other Safari Rally routes, this landscape is unique in that it is protected for future generations through a pioneering carbon offsetting program. The area is protected from deforestation, through which carbon credits are generated and sold to conservation-conscious individuals or companies who wish to offset their unavoidable carbon footprint.

“Given the nature of rallying, a team’s carbon footprint can be around 20-40 tonnes equivalent of CO2. By purchasing carbon credits, teams can lead by example and offset their footprint for this forthcoming rally. All purchases help to ensure that the Wildlife Works project continues to conserve forests, protect wildlife and empower communities in the Tsavo region.”

Please read the information contained on the Wildlife Works carbon offset website and consider offsetting your team’s carbon footprint on this year’s Safari Classic Rally. A Wildlife Works representative will be present to answer any enquiries at the 2015 welcoming event on November 18 at the Whitesands Hotel.