Nick Mason scores top ten finish on 2017 Balkan Classic

Staying with news from the Balkan Classic, Safari Classic Rally veteran, Britain’s Nick Mason, claimed a top ten finish in Bulgaria in his Datsun 240Z. Partnered by Peter Smith, the duo delivered a solid performance in the event’s only Z-car on a testing Safari precursor.

Nick has competed in every EASR from 2007 using the very same car – a 1970 Datsun 240Z – and has finished them all. “I have had three different navigators, one of my service guys has been with me for four events and the Toyota Landcruiser we use for support has completed all five.

“Our first Safari Classic was a big learning experience. The car broke every day, so all of us had to work well into the night to ensure we were ready to start the next day on time. I came home with so much knowledge and experience, and put it to use rebuilding the car myself; creating something that I knew could withstand the demands of Safari, but also engineering solutions that would be easier to repair or replace after damage.

“I have always received great warmth, hospitality and help from the wonderful people we have met throughout Kenya. My love for the people, combined with the amazing scenery we experience on every Safari Classic route, makes the lure of East Africa irresistible.”

Photo by Paolo Baraldi from the 2017 Balkan Classic Rally