Mini Classic Rally: Day 2 Route Preview

Day two of the 2018 Mini Classic Rally powered by Safaricom 4G+ starts at The Waterfront Karen in Nairobi on December 10. Cars will leave the venue around 7AM with the first stage starting just after 8.


The first stage of Day 2 is another of the old safari rally routes being revisited again. County government has been grading the roads, so for the first 30 km, expect fast and flowing tracks, with blind jumps over new culverts.

Spectators should ensure they are in the stage well before the first car is due, which is 08:10 hrs. Once the crews reach Najile town, the terrain becomes more challenging over the rough and rocky road to Suswa, thereafter they will use a smaller track and continue to the finish near the satellite station along the Narok Road. Navigation is crucial over the last 10km and we may well see some slip-ups through here.


Here we encounter a superb old Safari stage, unused for more than a decade. The first 30 kilometres have twisty uphill tracks, which will certainly split experts from enthusiasts if it chooses to rain.

At time of writing, the surface is dry, so expect dry mud holes and ruts. After the first section, the terrain opens up and the going gets smoother as the cars traverse wheat farms with breathtaking views. There is a very fast descent to the finish.


The final stage of Day 2 is another technical run, with fast and narrow roads to begin. The route is a continuous climb to up to 3,000 metres above sea level to a town called Sangale.

The ten kms after Sangale consists of narrow, twisty tracks down into valleys and up the other side, until the halfway point at 40kms. From here, the crews will encounter an extremely fast road to the finish. It is recently graded and reminiscent of a fast, flowing stage on Rally Finland! The fastest Porsches will stretch their legs in this section, reaching peak speeds of up to 200 kph/125 mph.