Mini Classic Rally: Day 1 Route Preview

We’ve just uploaded the route maps for the 2018 Mini Classic Rally to the electronic noticeboard. The maps show that the three-day event will cover approximately 1,100 kilometres, with over half that (560kms) as competitive stages.

The day begins at the Waterfront in Karen, Nairobi. Competitors will travel from Karen to the start of CS1, just south of the Ngong Hills Nature Reserve, to the stage end at Kajiado. CS3 is a reverse run of CS1. This section has recently been regraded and so offers a stark contrast to how it used to be! We expect some very quick times on this stage in both directions.

The middle stage of Day 1 takes the cars from Kikuro through the hills around the Entorika village and neolithic site. This area was the centre of an Iron age smelting community and the competitors will also be feeling the heat here. The stage is another great challenge, beginning with twisty tracks over dried up mud holes, eventually opening up to relatively smooth roads. There is one area of black cotton which may claim a few victims if wet. The section ends with open roads to the finish. 

While day 1 totals out at roughly 250kms, day 2 is almost double the distance. We’ll take a look at that later.