Light a Star for Waldegård in aid of Cancer Research

The organisers of Rally Sweden have launched an inspirational campaign, donating up to 20,000 SEK to Cancer Research in memory of Björn Waldegård, multiple winner of the classic East African Safari Rally, who sadly died in August 2014.

Waldegard Safari Chill Out

Waldegård was the Lion of Safari. A giant of rallying, he had a giant heart to match, filled with love for East Africa and intense admiration for its people. Small wonder Björn Waldegård won so many times here: four wins in the original Safari and twice in the Classic, which he always enjoyed. “The rallies are just as tough, we just get a little more sleep in the Classic Safari,” was how he compared the two.

Light a Star for Bjorn Waldegard (2)

The Light a Star for Björn campaign is free to enjoy. Just go to the website at and click Light a Star. Use the website tools to share your experience and spread the message. Make sure all of your friends know about this wonderful campaign honouring an heroic son of Kenya and Tanzania.

Do it now – spread the message. Click here to Light a Star.