Ford Escort Mk 1 Safari Rally Car For Sale

Courtney Bunyan in the UK has this handsome Mk1 Ford Escort rally car for sale, previously used in two editions of the East African Safari Classic Rally. This text is by Courtney:

We have run this car in house with all best quality parts from the top boys at RACE. One of our cars has just finished on the podium in the RAC British Historic Championship so rest assured we know about Escorts.

The car was originally built by Historic Rallysport with I believe some of the best quality fab work available. It competed in two East African Safari Classic Rallies before we purchased it. We have campaigned one Safari with it.

On completion of its most recent event, the car was totally stripped and rebuilt. Engine, gearbox and axle were professionally overhauled by their respective builders. The bodyshell had the paint work freshened before the complete car was re-prepped. It is now ready to go.

Jondel Race Engines 2.0 BDG, historic spec, all steel with top quality components, genuine Cosworth four-stud head and a Geoff Richardson Nicasil block, 48 DCOEs, Tony Law exhaust, Dry-sumped to boot and Aeroquip throughout, 7&1/4” AP Twin Plate clutch with Burton hydraulic centre push.

We did a couple of local events in a hire car before we completed our Safari, and we realised the ultimate gear box would be a low first, close ratio 2-3-4 and an overdriven 5 for the big road sections. The team at RACE provided us with just that: the ultimate ratios built in a heavy duty ZF case, super strong and super reliable. We had it checked by them after the event and there was not one issue found.

Heavy duty ‘pigs head’ with oversize tubes, carrying 5.1 CWP, plated motorsport diff, fully floating hubs, solid disks with AP 2383 calipers, two-piece shafts, and 6-linked.

The car is fitted with Proflex Jumbo dampers. The rears also have internal hydraulic bump stops. We had great support from Gordon and the boys at Proflex in prep for Safari: I even went up there for a day to learn how to rebuild the units in the bush if it was needed during the rally. The suspension comes with a big spares package and has performed faultlessly

The car was built from a very good rot free shell to heavy duty Group 4 spec with long links, watts towers, steel bubble arches with tubs, heavy duty Safari cage with strut triangulation, fully seam welded, gusseted , plated and strengthened. This is a very nice strong shell.

The car is fitted with two long-range 80-litre bag tanks served by four Facet ‘Red Top’ fuel pumps. This was done to give the option of running different fuels. For example, pump fuel for the road and race fuel for stage, or as a backup for a bad fuel fill (common problem in Africa).

The interior of the car is built with all the right bits for driver and co-driver ease, with top quality gauges, top quality intercom, roof vent (a must in a hot climate) and twin Brantz/Halda.

The car has an MSA logbook, so can be rallied in the UK with no probs. With a couple of minor mods it could compete in Historics, Will have fresh MOT so can be driven away – it has the bonus of free UK road tax also!

The car comes with a spares package and also a wheel and tyre package, including:

  • Comprehensive Proflex package to include bushes, seals, clips, valves, everything you would need, A pair of front Proflex jumbos, completed one Safari since rebuild
  • A pair of rear Proflex jumbos with hydraulic bump stops, completed one Safari since rebuild
  • Left- and right-hand quick release forged stub axles, these are brand new, they are the same as fitted to the car and in my opinion they are near indestructible. Those on the car have completed a Safari and were checked and not one hint of a crack was found (you would have fitted three or more Bilsteins).
  • Complete new front hub with bearings and studs, used disc and bell loose
  • Pair new front AP brake calipers with pair new front caliper brackets
  • Pair of rear calipers
  • Pair of rear hubs complete with bearings, studs and discs
  • There is a s/h axle case included. We bent this on Safari and had it straightened in Tanzania as a spare. I have kept it as a pattern to have a new case made or just a new tube fitted.
  • Axle brace and skid
  • Three front compression struts
  • Pair of watts bars and a four link bar
  • Starter and alternator
  • Steering rack new
  • Various rose joints, TCA pins and other odds and sods

Wheels and tyres included (not including those fitted to the car)

  • 2 x 7″ Minilite
  • 10 x 7″ Compomotive Minilite
  • 5 x 6″ Compomotive Minilite
  • Many sets of used tyres

Click to see more photos in a slideshow here. The price is £67,995. Any questions please ask. Viewing is very welcome – contact +44 7815 090906.