Fabrizia Pons returns to Safari

Legendary Italian navigator, Fabrizia Pons, returns to Africa this year, rejoining compatriot, Gilberto Sandretto, in the cockpit of a Tuthill Porsche 911 for the 2017 Safari Classic Rally. No stranger to the wilds of East Africa, Pons will be one of the star attractions when the eighth Safari Classic Rally begins in Mombasa on November 23rd.

“Competing in the legendary Safari Rally as part of the World Rally Championship was my dream when I first started rallying,’ says Fabrizia. “Why? Because I love Africa, I love animals and I especially love Kenya.”

Fabrizia’s driving partner, Gilberto Sandretto, recently tested his Tuthill Porsche with Stig Blomqvist in Wales. Feedback from the test was good and Gilberto enjoyed being back in the car, although he confessed to missing Fabrizia alongside.

“I was supposed to attend the test too, but in the last minutes it was impossible for me,” noted Pons. “But now the days are coming down and soon we will be travelling to Africa. I can’t wait to be in Kenya and to start another Safari Classic.”

“We are excited to have Fabrizia back on this year’s Safari Classic,” said Pipi Renu, the rally’s General Manager. She is not only a jolly and enthusiastic competitor, but also level-headed in a crisis. She is known to get down to serious business in the cockpit and African rally enthusiasts always look forward to interacting with the queen of co-drivers.”