Driver Quotes: Day 3 Safari Classic 2013

2, Gregoire De Mevius/Alain Guehennec, Porsche 911

When we saw Björn and Mathias standing outside their car waving OK we were relieved but the thought came to me ‘If that can happen to Björn, I had better be careful’. Thus we drove very steadily for the rest of that section. Perhaps we lost some one and half minutes but it felt better that way. But the last two sections were perfect for us so we had a bit of a go and got those fastest times so that we are now within two minutes of Stig. And our BMA car feels in really good condition – so we try to keep it that way.

3, Ian Duncan/Amaar Slatch, Ford Capri

No real problems to report really. We had a rear left puncture about a third of the way into that first section and stopped to change it. The only other thing was that, being first car on the road, we did find quite a bit of traffic on the second section but managed to avoid any real confrontations.

4, Geoff Bell/Tim Challen, Datsun 260Z

We broke a drive shaft 5 km from the end of the first long section and crept out slowly. It must have cost us at least a minute and a half. Later the corrugations on the second section must have affected our engine oil cooler because we had to stop between the second and third sections to bypass it and let the oil circulate without going through the cooler. The road traffic on the second section was not too bad and in fact after 5km it had all disappeared. Otherwise the car and everything is good.

5, Stig Blomqvist /Staffan Parmander, Porsche 911

The gearbox started to feel funny on the first section and after a while we lost third gear. That wasn’t so bad but then we lost everything but second and fourth gears so our speed dropped off a bit towards the end. Anyway, we were still second fastest and the Tuthill guys changed the box after the section. To tell the truth, I think our suspension is maybe too firm as we find it hard to get good traction from the rear tyres. Not normal for a Porsche!

6, Gérard Marcy/Stéphan Prévot, Porsche 911

No, we have not speeded up ! We are going at our same pace and keeping our head. No problem with the car and it is running perfectly. There are times when I would like to have that extra power and torque from the engine that most of the other serious Porsches have but maybe it is best this way.

7, Steve Perez /John Millington, Datsun 260Z

Rather a difficult day thanks to our brakes. We lost the pedal first about forty-five kilometres from the end of the first section. When we got to service, there was no time to try and bleed them to see if we could cure the problem as it turned out that we had broken an engine mount and that demanded priority. So we had to tackle the second section with them still much the same. John [Millington] tried to bleed them himself between the second and third sections but they did not improve much. On the second section, we nearly hit a bus – it was one of those with its chassis twisted so that the front of the bus is where it ought to be but the rear is on your side of the road. Somehow we missed it!

8, David Horsey/Alex Horsey, Porsche 911

We’ve been sharing the driving today. Alex did the long one and David did the two shorter ones. Both of us are trying to adopt the Kenyan slogan of ‘Pole, pole’. You may wonder why we have a rope on the front roo bar but it was soaked in petrol and we put it there to dry out. It doesn’t mean we’ve been off!

10, Bernard Munster/Johan Gitsels, Porsche 911

Today started well with fastest time on the first section despite the fact that we hit a gazelle at full speed. There were two of them and I breathed a sigh of relief when we missed the first one but sadly iit was closely followed by a second. All our problems in the last section stemmed from losing the rear brakes and from a puncture towards the end of the section when we couldn’t jack the car up because the jack wouldn’t fit in its locating hole. We had to drive out on the puncture.

11, John Lloyd /Gavin Laurence, Ford Escort RS1800

We had a good day. No problems and we passed two cars on the first section but we had to follow one for 40km in the dust

12, Andrew Siddall/Carl Williamson, Datsun 260Z

We’ve had a brilliant day and enjoyed the stages. The third section was hairy and at the end a marshall pointed out we were losing oil from the differential – we think the aluminium plate at the back of the diff has been split. We filled it up at service and just got back.

14, Steve Troman/Andrew Doig, Porsche 911

No problems today we went straight through. Nice sections and the last one was beautiful but lots of blind crests.

15, Jean-Pierre Mondron/Eric Werner, Porsche 911

A terrible day. We broke a bolt in the rear suspension underneath the damper and couldn’t move the car so we just had to sit there being entertained by a large gathering of Masai.

16, Phillip Vandromme/Frédéric Vivier, Porsche 911

This was our first difficult day. 25 km into the first section we got a puncture on the front right and lost 7 minutes then we had to drive 100 km in the dust of the car in front and only managed to pass it 10 minutes before the end of the section. The last section was like the Monte Carlo, coming down the Turini, but on gravel.

17, Franz Wunderlich/Klaus-Peter Kristek, Porsche 911

Bad day! In the first section we had a problem with the clutch and only had 4th gear for 120 km. We had to change the gearbox and clutch. In the second section we had a puncture on the right, 20 km before the end and the starter motor didn’t work so we had to push the car to start it. The third section we loved – it was the best stage ever!

19, Onkar Rai/Baldev Chager, Porsche 911

On the first section we went into a ditch in someone’s dust and bent the steering arm. After that the car was very hard to drive over corrugations. We were a bit slow in the second section but better in the third. We nearly hit Munster where he had stopped to try and change a wheel just before the end of the section.

21, Patrick Van Heurck/Alain Lopes, Porsche 911

Fine. Great. Fantastic last two sections. For my first Safari I love it. Everybody told me I would!

23, Aziz Tejpar/Andy Nagi, Ford Escort RS1800

Interesting day. Started out quick and then got a little rougher on the first section. The second two sections really enjoyable – we put new rears on after the first section and no problem because we were still using tyres from the day before. Car is good.

24, Aslam Khan/Farhaaz Khan, Porsche 911

Our good luck ran out! 13 km into the first section we had a front puncture – we came over a jump and found a nice rock on the other side and then we were in the dust. We thought we had gone wrong so we turned around and met the Savages coming the other way and discovered we hadn’t gone wrong after all! The other two sections were fast and excellent – a bit scary coming down the Mbulus.

28, Joakim Roman/Jorgen Fornander, Porsche 911

Very hard day. The first section was okay – fun but very rocky at the end. The last two sections we had big brake problems – sometimes they were there and sometimes not. We dropped 3 or 4 minutes and had to take it very easy.

29, Manvir Baryan/Jaswinder Chana, Porsche 911

Another long day. In the first section there were lots of animals across the road and it was long. Never ending. We had fuel pump issues in the second section but switched to the second pump and it was okay.

30, Jayant Shah/Lofty Drews, Porsche 911

The first section was perfect but the intercom stopped working in the 2nd and 3rd sections and so did the Halda. I (Lofty) had to do some pretty imaginative hand gestures and sometimes I got some pretty rude ones back from my driver. I must have kicked the wire that connected both the Halda and the intercom!

31, Josef Jobst/Jürgen Bertl, Porsche 911

We had to follow an old Datsun for 30 km or more on the first section in terrible dust. We tried several times to get past and finally made it where we both had to slow down for a sharp bend at a junction.

33, Jan Hagman/Martin Hagman, Porsche 911

Just after we came off the third and last section we went into a small bridge and the right rear of the car dropped off the parapet and hit a concrete post. Not too much damage but the body work behind the co-driver’s door doesn’t look so good but no damage on the suspension.

35, Jorge Perez Companc/Jose Volta, Ford Escort RS 1800

A good day but some problem with the engine. In the second section there was tight left and the front wheel went into a hole so we think there may be some problems. We were very conservative when we say Bjorn’s accident.

37, François Kicq/Jean-André Collard, Porsche 911

Went well today. We finally found our rhythm after three days of rallying. We also put a bit more brakes to the front and that seems to fit in very well. Only real complaint today was terrible traffic on the route back into Arusha.

38, Rommy Bamrah/Harvey Jutley, Datsun 260Z

Okay – all good. We broke a real trailing arm on the last section but managed to drive out.

42, Jean-Michel Martin/Vincent De Raiken, Porsche 911

We had to change a Peltor (headset) battery today. When you consider how much we paid to have this car you would they would put a new battery in! Seriously everything okay – no problems with the car but it was a hard day for both car and crew.

44, Malcolm Destro/Simon Bates, Datsun 260Z

Great day! Fabulous stages, stunning – it’s a pity I couldn’t enjoy the view!

45, Gérard Brianti/Olivier Campana, Porsche 911

A long day! The car is going well but I’m a little bit tired. Time to have a shower and a beer!

50, Aaron Banks/Tim Chesser, Ford Escort Mk 1

We saw an African puffin! It was a lovely day. Still on four wheels and the only dent was caused by towing car no 48 out of the second section – they bent our tow bar!

51, Johan Nel/Mischa Fritch, Ford Escort Mk 2

First section, 40 km in first section the strut damper failed and after another 40 km the suspension arm broke on the other side. We arrived at Arusha just after two o clock and we are the first car in. We were surprised that when we were limping along at 50 kph so few cars passed us!

54, Patrick Henri de Frahan/Eric Gressens, Porsche 911

Very good. Beautiful! The first section was very long but it went quickly somehow. I went slowly at Bjorn’s accident. Later we thought something was wrong and Troman/Doig in car 14 stopped. Doigy took off the wheel and found the bolts holding the hubs onto the rear arm were loose. We tightened them up. He is my hero!

56, Richard Göransson/Emil Axelsson, Porsche 911

An eventful start – we had a suspension problem near the start of the first section – the torsion bar came loose on the front right and we had to drive like that for 130 km. We had two really good sections – the first since the first day. (The crew set second fastest in second section and third fastest in third section)

57, David von Schinkel/Per Björkman, Porsche 911

Fantastic. Great first section – when we got to the end we asked if we could do it again! We feel it’s going well and the car is great. The last section was fantastic – wish we could have stopped for a coffee to admire the view.

58, Roger Samuelsson/Robin Friberg, Porsche 911

Good. Very nice. Good run – last section was the best rally stage of my life!

59, Christer Johansson/Mattias Adielson, Porsche 911

A perfect day. We had a slight spin on the first section going a little bit too fast into a corner. But we were really happy with the day’s performance. From the co-driver: My driver listens to every word I say unlike when I drive!

62, Jonathan Savage/Russell Savage, Datsun 260 Z

Great ! Good day. The first section was good but caught a Porsche and then we met Aslam (Khan) coming the wrong way which gave us a quite a fright! Half way through the second section we lost power and this continued through the third section. We think it’s probably a fuel problem and will sort it out tonight.

63, Peter Stoehr/Crispin Sassoon, Datsun 1800 SSS

We hit a ‘moveable’ culvert which bent a TCA (track control arm) 53 km into the first section so we had to come out slowly. It was funny to drive, moving around like a dancer! The other two sections were good and the second section was perfect.