Driver Quotes: Day 2 Safari Classic 2013

1, Björn Waldegård/Mathias Waldegård, Porsche 911: They say we were quickest on the long stage today. Well, we have to show them that we are not giving up! No problems with the car, which is going really well. And one good thing is that Mathias, who has been suffering from motion sickness almost from the start has now found his ‘rally legs’ and he was able to fully enjoy the long stage.

2, Gregoire De Mevius/Alain Guehennec, Porsche 911

The first stage today was really nice, probably because it was very slightly damp and we were very pleased to have set fastest time. But on the second, towards the end I was convinced that we had a slow puncture at the rear and slowed up a bit. In fact, we had bent the wheel rim and it was just touching the brake calliper as it went round. We also saw a lot of animals on that long stage. At one point, we were in close company with two giraffe who were running with us. I was worried that one might try to step over the Porsche to join the other but fortunately that didn’t happen. We also saw a large herd of Wildebeest but they were not close to the road.

3, Ian Duncan/Amaar Slatch, Ford Capri

Happy with today and also the news that we are leading although I am not absolutely sure that we want to be first on the road tomorrow. This morning, it was foggy uphill in the Taitas and then damp afterwards. No real problems with the car. We heard a noise and changed a rear drive shaft between the two stages today. The noise went away to start with but it is back again now. So we hope that it is one of those funny noises that comes and goes and is just a noise ! Oh yes, and we actually did take wrong road today, but it was in the last section that was not competitive and frankly, neither of us were concentrating …

4, Geoff Bell/Tim Challen, Datsun 260Z

Nice day. Couple of tiny overshoots but the car is going much, much better. In yesterday’s service we discovered the link between the carburettors was loose and we were driving on just one for half the time. It felt like we were on one cylinder

5, Stig Blomqvist /Staffan Parmander, Porsche 911

It was cooler today and thus more enjoyable. We had a brake problem most of the day. It is something to do with the twin master cylinders operated by the brake pedal. It was OK when the pads were new when we started this morning but then it got worse and we only had front brakes towards the end of the day. The Tuthill boys will try to fix it now in service.

6, Gérard Marcy/Stéphan Prévot, Porsche 911

Nice start to the day, little bit of fog and then a damp road through the mountain. Really enjoyable though our suspension was a bit harsh and the car was understeering slightly. The long section was OK with maybe only four kilometres of real rough going in the middle. There were a lot of animals but never any problem to us. We are trying to drive at 90% and we think we are succeeding to keep that right pace that will give us a chance to win at the finish.

7, Steve Perez /John Millington, Datsun 260Z

The car is better now but we hit the front wheel on something hard and the steering tightened up. We changed a half-shaft because of the noise between stages. Unfortunately we did a wrong slot on the second stage of the day.

8, David Horsey/Alex Horsey, Porsche 911

The Porsche is surprisingly quick! Compared to the 504. No problems with the car or anything really. About 10 km into the second stage there was a jump and I was surprised how high we flew. I think the photographers were surprised too as they scarpered!

9, Alastair Cavenagh /Carl Tundo, Ford Escort RS1800

We started off okay in the Taitas but then we had a succession of problems. First we had a loose brake pipe and lost the brakes and then the front steering arm broke about 30 km into the stage and we limped out.

10, Bernard Munster/Johan Gitsels, Porsche 911

I really kick myself that I didn’t know to go a bit quicker on the very first stage yesterday. But we are speeding up quite nicely. I was hoping to make that long stage my second fastest stage time but we caught Geoff Bell some kilometres before the finish and in all that dust there is only one good strategy – stay behind. But I was only ten seconds slower than the fastest man, Waldegård, so I am really very pleased.

11, John Lloyd /Gavin Laurence, Ford Escort RS1800

We survived. We wrong slotted on the second stage. We haven’t had the mechanical misfortune of the others and the car is going beautifully. The driver is knackered but the driver should have retired years ago!

12, Andrew Siddall/Carl Williamson, Datsun 260Z

Very hot! In the Taitas we had the same problem – a rear caliper bracket casting broke off again and we also had a rear puncture – we think it was caused by the caliper flailing around and shattering the rim. Co-driver Carl blanked off the brake pipe and we drove like that for the rest of the stage. We think the failure might be related to the hand brake so I’ve been banned from using my fun stick!

14, Steve Troman/Andrew Doig, Porsche 911

Basically a trouble free day. We were enjoying the second stage of the day. We saw a big herd of zebra. But towards the end there was a Masai village and the Masai were massed with all their motorbikes lined up. They’d blocked the road with stones and as we drove around they threw smaller ones at the car, breaking a headlight. Shame really – the stage should have been stopped 5km earlier.

15, Jean-Pierre Mondron/Eric Werner, Porsche 911

Nice day. I enjoyed the first stage – it was rough but good. The second stage we missed a turning near the end. It was a nice stage and drier than two years ago – fortunately! There were lots of spectators.

16, Phillip Vandromme/Frédéric Vivier, Porsche 911

Parfait! Good day. Today was like the Paris Dakar in the second stage. The car is tired but the driver is okay!

17, Franz Wunderlich/Klaus-Peter Kristek, Porsche 911

Very nice. Lots of fun on the second stage. No problems with the car. Perfect!

19, Onkar Rai/Baldev Chager, Porsche 911

Good day. In the first stage the notes didn’t work so well but local knowledge helped out! From co-driver: In second stage I was trying to push the driver

20, Alain De Mevius/André Leyh, Porsche 911

Great day! Beautiful long second stage that was technical and quick. One of the cautions should have been a double caution. The rest was perfect!

21, Patrick Van Heurck/Alain Lopes, Porsche 911

Very good first stage. Not very good second stage – we were driving in the dust of a truck and went hard into a hole and broke the rear arm so had to drive out slowly.

22, Richard Jackson/Ryan Champion, Porsche 911

Not such a good day. We took a wrong slot in the second section.

23, Aziz Tejpar/Andy Nagi, Ford Escort RS1800

Awesome! I’m here and the car is good. But a very early start!

24, Aslam Khan/Farhaaz Khan, Porsche 911

25, Mark Bentley /Ed Bentley, Ford Escort Mk 1

27, Marzio Kravos/Renzo Bernardi, Ferrari 308 V8 GT4

The air cleaner problem is now fixed! However dust is now building up on the spindles of the downdraft Webers that feed the thirsty V8. As a consequence the spindles and the butterflies attached to them are locking up and I can’t get full throttle all the time. I’ve been driving on half throttle or less – you might call it Sunday driving in a Ferrari!

In the morning: We’ve diverted the air intake to go directly into the carbs to stop some of the dust. If that doesn’t work we may try removing the whole engine cover.

28, Joakim Roman/Jorgen Fornander, Porsche 911

First stage was rough. Rough and twisty in the Taitas. The second stage was really good. We went wrong twice and lost about five minutes but still went quite fast. So far the car is good and I hope it will continue!

29, Manvir Baryan/Jaswinder Chana, Porsche 911

No quote taken.

30, Jayant Shah/Lofty Drews, Porsche 911

Good day. Lots of dust and we got a puncture in the first section but we drove out on it. We went wrong on the second stage on a call over a road but realised pretty quickly and lost maybe a minute

31, Josef Jobst/Jürgen Bertl, Porsche 911

In the morning: On that rough section we destroyed the clutch bearing which destroyed the clutch which destroyed the gearbox housing. We’ve had to change the gearbox. We’ve decided to slow down and take it easy as we have so many cars to overtake.

32, Jonathan Somen/Richard Hechle, Ford Escort Mk 2

We had a collapsed rear wheel bearing in the last road section.

33, Jan Hagman/Martin Hagman, Porsche 911

Very fine. We went wrong in the second stage but only for 100 – 200 metres so didn’t lose much time. No worries – it was fantastic!

34, Nick Mason/Harpal Sudle, Datsun 240Z

Wonderful day. Bit fed up with the seeding as we were catching and overtaking a lot of cars that were painfully slow.

35, Jorge Perez Companc/Jose Volta, Ford Escort RS 1800

No quote taken.

36, Michiel Campagne /Mike Van Thiel, Chevrolet Corvette GS

No quote taken.

37, François Kicq/Jean-André Collard, Porsche 911

No quote taken.

38, Rommy Bamrah/Harvey Jutley, Datsun 260Z

No quote taken.

39, Kulwinder Sandhu/Raja Sehmi, Datsun 710

No quote taken.

40, Ramesh Vishram/Atul Kocchar, Ford Escort Mk 2

No quote taken.

41, Albert Michiels/Alexandre Leens, Porsche 911

Very good. We had a little problem with the electrics but otherwise the car is going well. We’re enjoying the rally.

42, Jean-Michel Martin/Vincent De Raiken, Porsche 911

Good. No problem. Enjoyed stages – they were very nice but it was a long day. We just want to drive safely and not too fast.

43, Bernhard Kessel/Ronny Kessel, Porsche 911

No quote taken.

44, Malcolm Destro/Simon Bates, Datsun 260Z

No quote taken.

45, Gérard Brianti/Olivier Campana, Porsche 911

We had a fun day. We went wrong but it was nice as we’ve come to see as much of Kenya as possible after all! Then in the second stage the fire extinguisher went off and there was foam everywhere. We had a Monaco foam party!

46, Mir Muzzamil /Tinu Khan, Datsun 180B

No quote taken.

47, Karim Wissanji/Yasser Slatch, Ford Escort Mk 1

No quote taken.

48, Kishan Bhanderi/Tim Mammen, Mazda RX7

Alright. Not too bad. We’re just getting into things! Hopefully one day we’ll be up there.

49, Asad Anwar/Kashif Sheikh, Datsun 240Z

We broke a propshaft on the second section. We had a spare in the car so we changed it but it took about an hour. Then we overtook about five cars but it was fun!

50, Aaron Banks/Tim Chesser, Ford Escort Mk 1

We saw a pie crow! And a tiger sparrow. We have a book of African birds and we’re trying to check them off but there are a lot of them. The driving is going fine – no problems and we’re still on four wheels with no dents.

51, Johan Nel/Mischa Fritch, Ford Escort Mk 2

Trouble free day except we ran out of fuel 200m from the end of the long competitive section. We had to stop and pour some petrol in and lost about 4 minutes as a result.

52, Josef Huber/Yves Huber, Porsche 911

No quote taken.

53, Michael Madler/Michael Schauderna, Ford Escort Mk 1

No quote taken.

54, Patrick Henri de Frahan/Eric Gressens, Porsche 911

No quote taken.

55, Kailesh Chauhan/Simon Phillips, Ford Escort Mk 2

No quote taken.

56, Richard Göransson/Emil Axelsson, Porsche 911

No quote taken.

57, David von Schinkel/Per Björkman, Porsche 911

Everything was fine until the last section when we caught up with an Escort and couldn’t overtake because of the speed limit of 60 kph.

58, Roger Samuelsson/Robin Friberg, Porsche 911

We hit a hidden hole in the last section and I WAS concentrating! But quite a lot of people did the same. We removed quite a lot of the front spoiler. Otherwise a good day. The car is going well and we love the stages.

59, Christer Johansson/Mattias Adielson, Porsche 911

It is Christer’s first Safari and he’s a relative novice. Mattias is usually driving so ‘he’s trying out how the other half live’. We found stones across the road in the second stage and thought we must have gone wrong and turned around but it was the right road – eventually!

60, Kobus Coetzee/Ramon Hayde, Ford Escort Mk 1

No quote taken.

62, Jonathan Savage/Russell Savage, Datsun 260 Z

No quote taken

63, Peter Stoehr/Crispin Sassoon, Datsun 1800 SSS

No quote taken.

64. Samira Khan/Chantal Young, Porsche 911

It was good but bumpy and very rough. We lost the accelerator cable in the last 10 km and drove on a hand throttle.