Day 4: Quotes from the Drivers


To be honest it’s been a disastrous day. We broke the radiator in the first stage. Had to stop and fill it up with fluids and managed to get out of that. Second stage went well and we got the fastest time. So we are in top five, somewhere in there. I think what Porsche lack in power I think they exceed in suspension. Just the last stage, it was off, it was just like a Rhino Charge.


Super day today, beautiful stages in the morning but the third was a car breaker and tough on the cars. But the first two were fantastic stages and we had wonderful times there. We are lying 4th so we are slowly creeping up. Now we need a rest and people like Stig and I at our age we need a little rest day and a beer.


Disappointing day today. Didn’t start off well to be honest, just the whole day I drove without rhythm. The second stage should have been faster and the third stage was horrible. I just couldn’t get the rhythm. I think when you don’t start your day well, it just carries on. Tomorrow we will get the car sorted and then calm down a bit. If we didn’t take the penalty, I think this would have been a different story today. We would have been up there and now I have to push to get back in the top ten and I think I can get it. I just have to ensure I beat Tejveer!


Looking forward to the break and after the four days I think it’s much needed for all us. Am happy with the driving and have been cautious. Except the last stage: it was not a rally stage, it was more of a rally car wreck stage. Otherwise the first and second stages were amazingly beautiful.


The four days have been a very interesting mix. The last two have been absolutely brilliant, the car had no issues and we really enjoyed this. The first two days were not so good but now it’s beginning to be more enjoyable. Now we are just looking forward to the rest day tomorrow, get the car right and sorted. We have partnered for the last ten years and it’s all working very well. Tomorrow the mechanics pull the car apart and then sort out the issues on my list. Next phase will be interesting, since we have never gone to Tanga and that’s something good to look forward to.


Definitely good to have a break, but for me I will still be working. I have two cars to work on, so it will not be a day off for us. Today we ripped off the rear brakes, then spent ten minutes in the culvert because we couldn’t stop before it. We are almost in the top ten, which we are ok with, but all we want to do is to get to the finish.


We have a little competition going on between me and Onkar. The first and second stages were really nice and the last one was rough so we had to be really alert coming through. Overall am happy with the first two stages and the times we are doing.


All was good today. The last stage getting in was terrible, it was rough in there. We hit a couple of things, I think everyone did. We overheated a bit in the end but I think we made it through okay. Overall I think we are doing okay. We had quite some fun in the Taitas. At least we have found our rhythm, which we want to keep. We are taking everything as it comes. We are definitely looking forward to the break after driving like a lunatic around our lovely planet.


It was a better day today. The last two days, we had lost power in the car but today indeed an amazing day and look: we are here, we finished day four! We are taking it as it comes and now let’s enjoy the break.


Looking forward to the break after what was a very tough day today. We started off very well in the morning but the last stage was a car breaker. We had our service crew placed in very difficult locations which really didn’t go well for us. Actually I had to tow Flash (Carl Tundo) back here.


As for all the other drivers, the last section was very rough, a lot of washouts, but with all that I believe we are doing very well. Though this morning in the first section I started off very slow, then in the second I picked it up. Last stage was rough but I just pushed it to make up.


Not very happy with the last stage, which was totally not for a rally car. Something just didn’t seem right, it was really bad in a couple of places which made it really difficult for most of us. Overall the other stages were great, brilliant notes and superb first two stages.


We are just glad to get to the half-way stage and it is a great relief. The last section was the toughest we have ever done and am sure a lot of the crews had a lot of problems coming through. The best day for us was yesterday, when we got some really good times and we are proud of it. We have a few issues with the car which will be fixed tomorrow: the axle needs to be aligned, the steering column needs to be checked. We are having a time of our lives, it’s the best rally in the world.


It’s absolutely an amazing rally, very difficult at the same times with some technical problems but that we can sort. We are luck its just 40 KM roads and not the 100 KM kind of sections. For our car, it’s been hard and I think the last stage was like taking part in the Dakar. To be honest today was my best day. Only the last stage that gave us a tough run, but overall today, the first two stages, going through the mountains, I can compare that to the Monte Carlo Rally which I have participated very many times.


The Taita stage was really nice. I think we were a bit slow at the bottom but I enjoyed driving that stage. The second stage I thought I was going very well but I wasn’t, I was really slow. We probably did five kms extra. The last stage was a nightmare, out of the blue there was a vertical climb which was not even in the notes but we tackled it anyway.

KEITH: It was good fun so far. Still studying Tim as the driver and the new car. Really enjoying this. As for the last stage I can’t blame the organisers really, because the notes were done way before and am sure the rains came along and damaged the road.


Today turned out well. We had super clean stages and we finally engaged the competitive gear. Looking ahead, we knew tomorrow is a rest day so we thought, why not push things a little since we will have time to fix things. Fortunately we are still running our own race and just to be back here at the end of the day is a little victory for us. As much as we had a rough start, we know we just have to put all that behind us and concentrate on the rally ahead. The rest day is always welcomed. We just have six hours to fix things.


I can’t tell you how pleased we are to make it here, we are so lucky. We had a pretty clean run all the way until the last stage which was really rough, it was like an off-road course. Just near the end we snapped a tension rod in order to get here in time. So hopefully we can get all that fixed tomorrow. We also have a noisy gear box or clutch am not sure, but we will get to fix it tomorrow.

HARPAL – Scott put a lot of effort into this car. The nostalgia it inspires is immense. The 160J was driven by some of the greats (Shekar Mehta). People are following our rallying here on Facebook and Whatsapp and they are keeping tabs and I can tell you, these are big shoes to fill considering the history that this model has.