Mini Classic Rally: Day 3 Route Preview


The crews entire the final day and experience hot and humid conditions while traversing rocky terrains. The road has been graded and is a very fast and flowing stage over the opening section. From the halfway point, the cars begin descending over the tight and twisty escarpment: loose gravel is a hazard here as the drivers continue to Mogotio over fast, wide roads. Crews that are awake will set good times on this stage.

For spectator viewing, we recommend entering the stage from Mogotio town, with plenty of good spots to watch. Expect the first car at Mogotio at 09:23 hours.

CS 8 – LOBOI – LORUK – 112 KM

A rally is not complete until you have a marathon stage, set in harsh country. This stage has it all, and will definitely be the one that will change the leaderboard. Crews begin over very fast and rocky tracks for 20km. They cross a big broken drift, and continue over narrow tracks ascending to 2,500 metres above sea level. Reminiscent of the Chyulu Hills, the rough and rocky tracks continue up to Tangulbei town.

From here, it gets very fast, as crews will experience very long bends, some up to to 2km long). The surface is loose and marble-like all the way to the finish. This will be a punishing marathon stage with expected temperatures reaching 42 degrees in the shade.

If you are adventurous, you could get to Tangulbei and watch the cars, but plan well and ensure your vehicle is well equipped. Expected first car at Loruk will be 12:30.

CS 9 – SPA – SOLAI 2 – 65 KM

Our final stage carries a sting in the tail. Crews begin ascending over narrow tracks with blind brows. Several places with mud holes will catch out the crews if they are not careful. 8 km of this stage will be over some harsh rocky roads, so rejoining the morning route after 40kms and climbing up to Solai over very good roads will be a relief to the crews.

Expect the first car to start the stage at 13:26 hours. If you intend to watch this stage, it is recommended you enter from Mogotio town and continue a few km to a marshalled junction. Park safely and enjoy the last stage.