Copy Cat Group continues its Safari Classic sponsorship

Since the birth of our event in 2003, the Copy Cat Group has been a key supporter of the East African Safari Classic Rally, providing a wide range of important on-event services: everything from the substantial photocopying services for competitor information bulletins, to identity badges for rally officials, media and competitors.

“Our passion for the East African Safari Classic has seen us support the event in different ways over the years,” notes Victor Kamau of Copy Cat Group. “For 2017, Copy Cat Group is also assisting with logistics in both planning and execution of the event, including print solutions and material for rally headquarters, organising event passes and working closely with rally management to deliver high quality safety material for service crews and officials.

Copy Cat Group has provided tailored IT and office automation solutions to large, small and medium businesses across East Africa for more than thirty years. To deliver timely and reliable customer service, Copy Cat has created a network of regional offices in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda, assembling a workforce with a wide range of skills and a vast wealth of knowledge to maximise support quality.

“Our business is literally all about connections,” says Victor. “We bring people, processes and data together to make networked connections more valuable than ever before, turning information into actions that create new capabilities, richer experiences and unprecedented economic opportunity for all of our clients and associates.

“We are also committed to giving back and continuously look for ways to enrich lives in the community we operate in, hence our sports sponsorships and other community programmes. We aim to make positive contributions to communities in direct ways through value added services and financial support of community projects. We want our business to be synonymous with strong and supportive citizenship – only by coming together can we truly make progress.”

“All of us at Copy Cat wish each and every competitor a safe and successful rally. May the best team win!”