Safari Classic Rally sells out One Year Early

The organisers of the Kenyan Airways East African Safari Classic Rally have been celebrating this morning, as the number of confirmed entries for the November 2015 Classic Safari has hit their target of sixty cars. From now on, new enquiries seeking an entry will go onto a waiting list where there are already several names.

Event Director, Raju Kishinani said: “This is really wonderful news to take home with us for Christmas. We had hoped that the announcement of the new route and improvements in organisation would bring a response but we never imagined it would be on this scale.”

There is variety within the entry despite more than twenty Porsche 911s from various entrants seeking to repeat Björn Waldegård’s win in 2011 and to avenge the Stuttgart marque’s defeat in 2013 when another World Champion, Stig Blomqvist, was narrowly defeated by Ian Duncan’s Ford Capri V8. As well as the expected array of Datsuns and Fords, there are entries for a Ferrari 308 GT4, a Golf GTi and a Trabant 601R.

Finding one’s name on the waiting list may not be the end of the story. If any of the sixty cars already confirmed drop out, then cars from that list will move up to fill the spaces. The main constraint on the number of competing crews is the availability of sufficient hotel rooms at the night halts, some of which are in or adjacent to national game parks. The organisers are working hard to see whether the number of rooms that they have reserved can be increased.

The organisers are thrilled to have such a wide array of old and new competitors filling up the list. “It is an honour for me to be associated with such an incredible list of entrants” says Raju. “I will do my outmost with my team to deliver an exceptional Rally in 2015”.