Rally Bulletin 5: Competitor Safety Apparel

Rally bulletin 5 from Clerk of Course, Richard Leeke, is now available for download or it may be read below.

This bulletin covers a revision to the regulations regarding competitor safety apparel.

Responding to competitors’ requests, regulation 11.1 (bullet point 3) has been reconsidered and is revised with immediate effect to:


  • The wearing of helmets by both crew members is compulsory during all competitive sections
  • The use/wearing of frontal head restraints is compulsory during all competitive sections
  • The wearing of at least a single layer fire resistant suit is compulsory. Competitors will be excused wearing fire resistant suits in the instance where the Competitor/s have agreed to and signed an organiser Risk Disclaimer document prior to the event start. The introduction of regulation 11.1 was introduced to fall in line with generally accepted safety conventions. We encourage competitors to wear safety overalls.

Note that the wearing of safety harnesses is mandatory whenever the vehicle is in motion (except in a service park).

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