Rally Bulletin 4: Phone Numbers & Baggage Vehicles

Rally bulletin 4 from Richard Leeke, Clerk of Course for the East African Safari Classic Rally is now available for download or it may be read below. This bulletin includes details on:

  • Extended Closing Date
  • Emergency Phone Numbers
  • Baggage Vehicles

Subject to a registration process, the organisers will allow a baggage vehicle to ferry luggage, tyres and parts between end-of-day service areas during the event. The baggage vehicle cannot be involved in any service activity. Baggage vehicles must transport directly between end of day locations . Should baggage vehicles be seen collecting or depositing spares in the vicinity of service points, a penalty may be imposed at the discretion of the Clerk of Course.

Baggage vehicles must be registered with the Rally Secretariat prior to Wednesday 22nd November. Vehicle make and registration, along with names and mobile numbers of the vehicle occupants will be recorded.

As baggage vehicles will not cross into Tanzania, extra registration charges will not be levied. Contact us with any questions.