Competitors Information 9: Additional Levies & Border Costs

The latest competitor information update covers additional levies and border charges which competitors on the 2017 East African Safari Classic will need to be aware of. Read the update below or download it here.

It is obligatory for all vehicles (rally cars and service cars) driven in Kenya to have a valid third party insurance cover and international COMESA Yellow Card third party insurance cover for use in Tanzania. In addition, all foreign registered vehicles must have a Foreign Road Licence valid both in Kenya and Tanzania.

The EASCR is paying national park fees for all competitors as part of the entry fees, but service vehicles and crews will need to be aware of entry costs as they head for the parks. Read more in the information update.

There are also cross-border vehicle levies at the Tanzanian border, which will be payable for both trips to our neighbours. All of the details are in the information update.

As detailed in this update, the organisers can handle much of the paperwork required to take people and vehicles across the border, which will save you hassle later on. Contact us with any questions.