Competitors Information Update 8: Fuel Availability and Booking

Competitors Information Update number 8 is now available to read below or for download here. This update deals with fuel availability from our partners at Shell Vivo Energy over the course of the rally.

Participants wishing to obtain V-Power fuel should contact us with their requirements by October 10, so that we can ensure ample stocks at the various fill points. See the pdf for possible stop points and stage/liaison distances.

Rally manager, Pipi Renu advises: “There is a Shell fuel station at Namanga, one kilometre from the border towards Nairobi, and a new Shell fuel station at Kimana Town on the Emali – Oloitokitok road. These are good places to fill up. Shell will also have diesel, engine oils and other lubricants available for purchase during the event.”

Contact us with any questions!