EASR Regulations and Schedule

Download the 2017 EASR Regulations

Download the 2017 EASR Classic Rally Programme


Entry Forms

Download the Entry Form for the 2017 East African Safari Classic Rally


Rally Bulletins

Rally Bulletin 1 – Amendments to published regulations
Rally Bulletin 2 – Amendments to power steering regulations
Rally Bulletin 3 – Amendments to regulations covering nominated tyres
Rally Bulletin 4 – Emergency Phone Numbers and Baggage Vehicles
Rally Bulletin 5 – Competitor Safety Apparel
Rally Bulletin 6 – Updated Schedule for November 22
Rally Bulletin 7 – Changes to Organising Committee and Rally Officials
Rally Bulletin 8 – Schedule updates, rally start positions, driver’s briefing and more

Competitors Information Updates

Number 1: Additional hotel room and upgrade rates
Number 2: Shipping details to Mombasa with EASC partner, WEC Lines
Number 3: Further shipping and important customs clearance information for rally cars coming to Kenya
Number 4: Service vehicles and minibuses available for hire
Number 5: Tracking and Screamer Device accessories available
Number 6: Mandatory Medical Information Details form which must be completed and returned
Number 7: Information on Kenyan and Tanzanian visa requirements and availability
Number 8: Information on Shell fuel availability through our partners at Shell Vivo Energy
Number 9: Additional insurance requirements, cross-border paperwork and Government levies for certain journeys
Number 10: Details of flight routes, prices and outline timetables with our title sponsor, Kenya Airways
Number 11: Confirmation of nominated tyre choice regulations
Number 12: Official documentary and additional video services

Technical Information

Technical Waiver Request
2017 Vehicle Tracking/Screamer system installation instructions


Technical Waivers

Datsun Z Gearbox Waiver

Ford Capri Bodywork Waiver

Ford Capri Gearbox Waiver

Ford Capri Front Upright Waiver

Ford Escort Gearbox Waiver

Triumph TR8 Gearbox Waiver

Skoda 130 Crankshaft

Skoda 130 Transmission

Mazda RX-7 Transmission


Contact us for more information

Email info@eastafricansafarirally.com with any enquiries regarding the 2017 East African Safari Classic Rally.