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Press Release: Tuesday, 29th November 2011


The Safari rally has always been known for its popularity with spectators and the Kenya Airways East African Safari Classic Rally has carried on this tradition. This was apparent not only in the number of people out watching the rally itself, but also in the number of people who were following the rally virtually.

This year, for the first time, the East African Safari Classic Rally employed a safety tracking system so the progress of all cars could be followed and watched by the organisers. This is primarily for safety reasons, but it also allows all those friends, families and general Safari fans to watch the rally in the comfort of their own home. The service was available via Google Earth on the East African Safari Classic Rally website and its popularity was astounding.

“On the second day we noticed the performance of the web server was very slow,” said Peter Silberberg, MD of Rally Management Systems who provided the safety tracking. “And we realised all the memory available on the server was being used. We looked at the activity log file for the first two days and saw that it had shot up to 80GB. There is no direct way to translate this into numbers of users but, to give you some idea, for a normal World Rally Championship event we will typically have about a quarter of a million users and we only use 3 GB over three days. We reckon we had millions of users rather than hundreds of thousands.” Indeed emails were arriving from all over the world to thank the organisation for the system.

After eight days of rallying through true Safari conditions, the crews and service teams are now winding down from the buzz of competition. However, as they return to normal life, their memories of this year’s Safari rally will undoubtedly remain with them. In the words of Eric Cecil who founded the East African Safari Rally in 1953: “To sleep, sleep and perchance to dream…….OF THE NEXT SAFARI.”


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