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Press Release:Sunday, 20th November 2011
1   Ian Duncan / Amaar Slatch (Ford Capri)
“We got lost for about a minute in the second section and hit a rock in the last section but there’s been no problems with the car”
2   Gerard Marcy / Stephane Prévot (Porsche 911)
“There was some really bad mud at the end of the last competitive section but we’ve had a big problem with power all day. We’ve tried changing everything but it still isn’t fixed and it also seems to be overheating.”
3   Grégoire de Mévius / Alain Guehennec (Porsche 911)
“The first section was very fast and I was a bit scared. The second section was slower and we managed to catch Marcy at the end. On the third section we discovered the famous black cotton mud and hit a stone but luckily it was a rolling one!”
4   Bjorn Waldegård / Mathias Waldegård (Porsche 911)
“It was fantastic – a full Safari in one day. The first section was first, the second twisty and the third was slippery like hell for the last 30 km.”
5   Stig Blomqvist / Ana Goni (Ford Escort RS 1800)
“We were lying fifth after the first two sections and broke the differential about 50 or 60 km into the last section. Not nice for the first day but we’re here – that’s the main thing.”
6   Steve Perez / Staffan Parmander (Datsun 260Z)
“We broke the propshaft in the second section and fixed it ourselves. By the time we got to the last section there was a traffic jam in the mud and we were stuck for quite a while.”
7   Geoff Bell / Tim Challen (Datsun 260Z)
“A great day – we lost it in the last section and found ourselves facing the other direction but hopefully we didn’t lose too much time. And I think I’m still ahead of Steve (Perez) and Andrew (Siddall) in the Gentleman’s World Rally Championship!”
8   Alastair Cavenagh / Carl Tundo (Ford Escort Mark 2)
“We had steering rack problems in the second section and got bogged down in the third section. Oh, and we also lost the rear windscreen.”
9   Andrew Siddall / Mike Borissow (Datsun 260 Z)
“We boiled the car on the first section but we think it was just a sticky thermostat and then we got bogged down in the last section.”
10   John Lloyd / Adrian Cavenagh (Ford Escort RS 1800)
“The first two sections were great and we had no problems. On the last section we wrong-slotted and lost a fair bit of time but it was a great day.”
11   Aziz Tejpar / Andy Nagi (Ford Escort Mark 1)
“We ran out of fuel and got stuck in the last section.”
12   Simon Tysoe / Imran Khan (Ford Escort Mark 1)
“On the second section we bent the steering arm and got two punctures and in the third section we got stuck in the mud. I think there may be lots of work to be done on the car tonight.”
14   Steven Funk / Andrew Doig (Porsche 911)
“Awesome! The biggest problem is I can’t figure out how I’m in the top ten. It was so absolutely wonderful NOT to get stuck in the mud although getting around the other cars was difficult.”
15   Jürgen Bertl / Bernhard Ettel (Porsche 911)
“In the second section we overtook car 14 but we then hit a big bump and went flying like a missile and landed on the nose. In the last section we managed to lose the rear bumper in the mud.”
16   Thomas Flohr /Didier Breton (Porsche 911)
“The second section was beautiful in the Taita Hills and fantastically slippery on the way down. In the third section the mud was very deep in places and it was just a question of survival!”
17   Steve Troman / Calvin Cooledge (Porsche 911)
“I was going a bit too fast over a jump and then went sideways and off the road. We hit the front very hard and snapped the steering.”
18   Aslam Khan / Arshad Khan (Porsche 911)
“The second section was very rough through the hills and in the third section it was very wet and we had to get a tow but the car seems fine.”
19   Jean-Pierre Mondron / Nicolas Gilsoul (Porsche 911)
“The Taita hills were rough and the end of the last section was full of mud but we had lots of fun.”
20   Louis Antonini / Pierre Antonini (Porsche 911)
“We were stuck for about an hour on the last section.”
21   Jayant Shah / Lofty Drews (Datsun 260 Z)
“Yesterday was a disaster and today was a disaster.” (Lofty Drews)
22   Richard Jackson / Preston Ayres (Porsche 911)
“First section was okay but we had problems with the left strut on second section and then got stuck in the last section.”
23   Thierry de Latre de Bosqueau / Eric Werner (Porsche 911)
“It was a long, tough today. We broke the torsion bar after the second section and in the third section we missed a turning then got stuck three times in the black cotton.”
24   Travis Pastrana / Fabrizia Pons (Porsche 911)
“It was a really good day. We saw zebra and the mud was an amazing adventure. The first section was very fast and the second was very technical which was where we were fastest. In the third section we ran over a shrub which was hiding a rock and got a puncture on the front right”
25   Mark Bentley / Edward Bentley (Ford Escort Mark 1)
“The first section was excellent and we managed to miss getting stuck in the third section.”
26   Marzio Kravos / Renzo Bernardi (Ferrari Dino 308 GT4)
“Everything was okay.”
27   Rommy Bamrah / Harvey Jutley (Datsun 260Z)
28   Nick Mason / Alex Horsey (Datsun 260Z)
“In the last section we rolled after a massive ditch. We managed to roll all the way over but then got stuck in the sand and Richard Arrowsmith towed us out.”
29   Albert Michiels / Patrick de Coninck (Porsche 911)
“There was a little mud! Usually on the Dakar we have sand but here it is mud!”
31   Jacques Walens / Thierry Lacroix (Porsche 911)
32   Kulwinder Sandhu / Harpal Singh Sudle (Datsun P710)
“First two sections were okay and then we got stuck for 15 minutes on the last section.”
33   Richard Arrowsmith / Norris Midwood (Ford Escort Mark 1)
“The first section was very fast and on the second section we had an off at the top of the Taitas and lost about three minutes. In the third section we stopped to pull Nick Mason out of a mudhole and, as a result, we seem to have acquired a fake tan (referring to the red/orange mud on their legs)”
34   Jac Nellemann / Joseph Huber (Porsche 911)
“The first two sections were okay then we got stuck for twenty minutes in the last section, but we made it and that’s the main thing.”
35   Minesh Rathod / Sachin Sumaria (Colt Lancer GSR)
“It was lovely. We got two punctures – one on the second section and one on the third – and then we helped Jayant Shah and Lofty Drews.”
37   Phillipe Vandromme / Frederic Vivier (Porsche 911)
“The first section was great, the second section was rough and there was a lot of mud in the last section but overall a good day.”
38   Jonathan Somen / Richard Hechle (Ford Escort Mark 2)
39   Ramesh Vishram / Atul Kochhar (Ford Escort Mark 2)
“It was a good day but we had a bit of an issue on the last section. We got stuck and slipped the clutch.”
40   Arron Banks / Tim Chesser (Ford Escort Mark 1)
“This is my first rally and it’s definitely interesting! We rolled once and then got stuck in the mud in the last section. We went round in all directions!”
42   Josef Jobst / Hans Greifenstein (Porsche 911)
“We missed a junction in the second section and got stuck for an hour in the last section.”
43   Peter Stoehr / Crispin Sassoon (Datsun 1600SSS)
“It was a good first day. We helped push car number 44 in the mud and then drove through ourselves. We had to change the radiator because it was overheating.”
44   Kurt A Engelhorn / Johan Nel (Ford Escort Mark 1)
45   Franz Wunderlich / Klaus-Peter Kristek (Porsche 911 )
“It was very good. In the last section we had half a meter of mud and got stuck. It was a hard, long day.”
46   Jean-Michel Martin / Ronain Martin (Ford Escort Mark 2)
Ronain Martin: “It’s my first ever rally so I’m very excited. I had a fantastic day apart from the mud but we were only stuck for a few minutes.”
47   Bernhard Kessel / Ronny Kessel (Porsche 911)
48   Paolo Faldini / Nicolas Beech (Porsche 911)
“Absolutely brilliant until the last 10 km of the last section. There were three cars stuck in front of us and being towed out. We must have got stuck about five times.”
51   Samira Khan / Anita Irwin (Ford Escort Mark 1)
“On the second section we passed two cars but then we got stuck in the mud.”
52   Quentin Savage / Russell Savage (Datsun 180B)
“It was a good day until the mud.”


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